Monday, August 07, 2006

Another Class Act

Today after months of pressure from the ongoing investigation his possible involvement in the Jack Abramoff scandal, Republican Congressman Bob Ney announced he was withdrawing from his re-election bid. He also announced that Ohio State Senator Joy Padgett would run in his place.

Senator Padgett in a statement made a promise to the voters of the district. She said "It has been my honor to serve Ohio in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and I promise to take the same work ethic and values I applied there to the United States Congress.”

This is concerning, considering her ethics and values were evidenced in her 2004 re-election campaign for Ohio Senate. Her opponent was journalist and former hostage Terry Anderson. Hezbollah in Lebanon held this man prisoner for 6 years and nine months. Joy Padgett and her campaign produced a flyer that showed a photograph of Anderson along with a leader of Hezbollah claiming he was soft on terrorism.

This photograph was taken when Anderson went with a CNN team to confront those that once held him captive. Anderson was so angered by this unbelievable tactic used by Padgett, he walked off the stage at a scheduled debate after giving a statement that included the following: “I have spent 13 years trying not to hate, trying to learn to forgive, because I am a Christian, and I am required to do so. And my opponent wants you to believe that makes me soft on terrorism. She demeans my profession. She demeans my family’s pain.”

Yes the same ethics and values she has always used. Thanks for the warning Senator Padgett.

Sources: Columbus Dispatch, Hughes for America and wikipedia.


Blogger Alphaprimer said...

lol, these people are the supposed "best and brightest" that represent the best interests and values in America, so what does that tell you about our country?

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