Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hear the Message Loud and Clear

The first shots were fired in Connecticut today. The revolution has begun. More and more citizens of this country will no longer accept leaders who have as their one and only purpose to get reelected.

Senator Lieberman found out the hard way to represent the interests of your constituents or you will be replaced. Many Republicans will learn this lesson in November. But democratic office holders better keep your eyes open as well. We will not accept you changing your positions as the wind blows. We will not accept you ignoring the values and issues important to progressives. We will not accept you acting like a republican to get more campaign donations from corporate interests.

We will not accept the same old candidates that play the party game well but do nothing. We want progressives, we want leaders and that is what we shall have.

Lead or we will move you out of the way, we don’t care how famous your name is, who owes favors to you, and how much money you have collected. We do care about your leadership, your ability, your honesty and your frankness. We do care what you stand for. We do care that you will get something done.

This is no longer a game with a red and blue checkerboard. This is about each of our futures, our nations future and the future of the world.

In closing I say Senator Leiberman should you file as an independent candidate, you will only prove what your opponents have been saying all along, that your personal ambitions are more important to you then the good of the country.


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