Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hobson takes the voters for granted.

I have the misfortune of living in the very corner of the “republican safe” created 7th district in Ohio. Yes in I live in Reynoldsburg, Tiberi’s district is across the street to the north and Ney’s a few blocks to the east. But somehow I’m in this district that stretches from Springfield under Columbus and up the side to avoid as many urban voters as possible. Therefore for the last 14 years Dennis(whatever Bush wants)Hobson has been this district’s congressman.

Just a look at Hobson’s web site shows his clear lack of even an attempt to reach out to the voters of his district. It’s hard to find anything that appears to have been updated in the last two years. At the time I wrote this, his endorsements page is all from 2004. The most concerning page to me was his issues page. He lists the following:

· Upholding our Commitment to our Veterans (dead link)
· Strengthening our Military
· A Balanced Budget and Tax Fairness (dead link)
· Protecting and Improving our Environment
· Small Business and Jobs in Ohio’s 7th District
· Constituent Service
· Education and Health Care (dead link)

Lets take this one by one:

“Upholding our Commitment to our Veterans” This is no huge surprise this is dead link considering he voted against a bonus for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, HR 3289, In October of 2003. Just this year in March he voted against HR 4939, which was to stop contracts to corporations including Halliburton that overcharge. This isn’t a huge surprise since he received $3500 in contributions from that very company.

“Strengthening our Military”: This link is still up and makes it quite clear that strengthening the military to him means earmarking lots of money to benefit Wright Patterson that is in his district. There is nothing about the needs our military has being spread out all over the place in bushes wars, nothing about equipment and flack jackets and proper armor.

“A Balanced Budget and Tax Fairness” This is another dead link. Hobson voted in lock step with Bush 89% of the time and the GOP Caucus 94% of the time. Need I say more?

“Protecting and Improving our Environment” Ok Hobson is the Chairman of the Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee. This is the funding and oversight committee for the Army Corps of Engineers. You remember them; they had to stop their work on improving the levies in New Orleans because their funding was cut. They also fund the department of energy, who is doing a bang up job. By way the Hobson accepted $136,720 from the oil and gas industry.

“Small Business and Jobs in Ohio’s 7th District” Well if you get one of those jobs that haven’t gone overseas which he encouraged by voting for HR 4818 allowing loans to companies that locate off shore, he voted to strip your overtime protection with HR 2660 in 2003.

“Constituent services” Well since they cant update their website in 2 years bet they answer your emails real efficiently.

“Education and Health Care” Another dead link because none of us care about these issues. But just in case he voted to cut Federal Student Aid in 2005, and he took $171,815 from drug interests.

Do any of you notice any issues missing from his list, like Iraq, Terrorism, Immigration reform, Dependency on foreign oil. His 14 years in his safe seat has left him so out of touch with the needs of his constituents. It is time for him to go.

It’s time to elect a congressman like William Conner. A man who doesn’t just talk about defense issues, but served for 20 years in the United States Air Force. A man who like many of us has worked hard for a living and rather then sitting in an office in Washington accepting donations from oil and pharmaceutical companies. A man who uses common sense on the issues like Iraq, Jobs, Oil prices and education.



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Dead Links says it all!!

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