Friday, September 15, 2006

All politicians are crooks

How often do we hear that statement? The facts are that is an untrue and lazy outlook. Using this statement to justify not looking into the facts, not looking into the backgrounds and not voting the crooks out of office, assures that the crooks continue to get re-elected.

Lets look at the facts.

Resigned-Tom Delay, House Majority Leader- Abrahmoff scandal-Republican

Resigned-Scooter Libby-Cheney’s Chief of Staff- Releasing CIA officer’s identity-Republican

Plead guilty- Bob Taft-Governor-Failure to disclose gifts from Tom Noe-Republican

Found Guilty-Tom Noe-Illegal money laundering-embezzlement from State-Republican

Incompetent-Betty Montgomery-Auditor-allowed 50 million to be embezzled from BWC while taking campaign contributions from embezzler-Republican

Incompetent-Kenneth Blackwell-Secretary of State-oversaw widely disputed elections while serving as Bush Campaign Chairman and taking contributions from Diebold-Republican

Pleads guilty-Bob Ney-Congressman, Abramoff Scandal-Republican

Suspicious -Joy Padgett-State Senator-manages to get Federal Guaranteed loan for failing business then declares bankruptcy- Republican

Notice a pattern?

This is not about politics it is about ethics. Look at the facts, and then choose between more corruption and change.


Anonymous RGBlogging said...

This is why we need a change. Its time to take back our country. Too much power for one party is bad for all.

Take Back Cincinnati:

8:35 PM  

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