Thursday, September 14, 2006

Laura Bush to be in Granville Ohio

Invitations were received days ago by Republican Supporters in the Congressional 18th District of Ohio for a $100 per person Reception with Laura Bush to Honor Joy Padgett and it says quote "Candidate for Congress OH-18"

This reception which will give people the opportunity to get their picture taken with the First Lady for $1000, will be held September 26th in Granville.

Interesting since the special primary to determine if indeed Joy Padgett is the Candidate for this District is being held today.

How do they seem to always know what the election resuts will be before they happen. Perhaps they have inside information from Diebold. That was meant as a joke but I sure hope that is indeed what it is.

Time to get our support out for Zack Space as the big republican money is on the way.


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