Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bush tells us how much safer we are.

Excerpts from Bush's speech in Georgia along with my editorial comments.

"Today I'll deliver a progress report on the steps we have taken since 9/11 to protect the American people, steps we've taken to go on the offense against the enemy, and steps we are taking to win this war on terror."

"As President, I took an oath to protect this country, and I will continue using every element of national power to pursue our enemies and to prevent attacks on the United States of America." Actually he took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

"Over the past five years, we have waged an unprecedented campaign against terror at home and abroad, and that campaign has succeeded in protecting the homeland. At the same time, we've seen our enemies strike in Britain, Spain, India, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Jordan, Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries." Interesting how acts of terrorism have gone up instead of down during his war on terror.

We've seen that the extremists have not given up on their dreams to strike our nation." Yes we see the man he promised to get "dead or alive," tell us so on or tv screens monthly.

Just last month, police and intelligence officers from Great Britain, with the help of the United States and other allies, helped break up a terror cell in London. Working together, we foiled a suicide plot to blow up passenger planes on their way to the United States." Didn’t British and Pakistani Intelligence foil this plot? How exactly was the United States involved because the British don’t seem to be aware of it.

"Many Americans look at these events and ask the same question: Five years after 9/11, are we safer?" Yes in fact we are, notice the polls on that lately?

"The answer is, yes, America is safer." Does this man ever watch the news?

"The first stage of the 9/11 plot exposed serious flaws in America's approach to terrorism. Most important, it showed that by allowing states to give safe haven to terrorist networks that we made a grave mistake." Like our ally Pakistan is doing now?

"So after 9/11, I set forth a new doctrine: Nations that harbor or support terrorists are equally guilty as the terrorists, and will be held to account." Does this mean we attack Pakistan now? "

"And the Taliban found out what we meant. With Afghan allies, we removed the Taliban from power, and we closed down the al Qaeda training camps." They’re BAAAAACK

"They will fail because they are no match for the military forces of a free Afghanistan, a NATO Alliance, and the United States of America." Psst, Bin Laden is in Pakistan.

"Because we're on the offense, al Qaeda can no longer communicate openly without fear of destruction. And because we're on the offense, al Qaeda can no longer move widely without fearing for their lives." That wasn’t al Quaeda on al jazera today?

"I learned a lot of lessons on 9/11, and one lesson is this: In order to protect this country, we will keep steady pressure, unrelenting pressure on al Qaeda and its associates. We will deny them safe haven; we will find them and we will bring them to justice." Psst, Bin Laden did it.

"Since 9/11, we've addressed the gaps in our defenses that these operatives exploited. We've upgraded technology; we've added layers of security to correct weaknesses in our immigration and visa systems. Today, visa applicants like Hazmi or Mihdhar would have to appear for face-to-face for interviews. They would be fingerprinted and screened against an extensive database of known or suspected terrorists. And when they arrived on American soil, they would be checked again to make sure their fingerprints matched the fingerprints on their visas." Unless they enter through Mexico of course.

"Another top priority after 9/11 was improving our ability to monitor terrorist communications. Remember I told you the two had made phone calls outside the country. At my direction, the National Security Agency created the Terrorist Surveillance Program. Before 9/11, our intelligence professionals found it difficult to monitor international communications such as those between the al Qaeda operatives secretly in the United States and planners of the 9/11 attacks. The Terrorist Surveillance Program helps protect Americans by allowing us to track terrorist communications, so we can learn about threats like the 9/11 plot before it is too late." Yes the reason we intercepted those calls was the FISA act has been in force for years prior to 9/11.

"Last year, details of the Terrorist Surveillance Program were leaked to the news media, and the program was then challenged in court. That challenge was recently upheld by a federal district judge in Michigan." That would be because its against the law!

"My administration strongly disagrees with the ruling. We are appealing it, and we believe our appeal will be successful. Yet a series of protracted legal challenges would put a heavy burden on this critical and vital program." Yes following the law is a pain isn’t it. The facts are you can wiretap legally. You can even do it without getting a warrant for 72 hours, the one and only reason for not following the law is they don’t want a judge to see they are wiretapping people who that have nothing to do with terrorism.

"The surest way to keep the program is to get explicit approval from the United States Congress. So today I'm calling on the Congress to promptly pass legislation providing additional authority for the Terrorist Surveillance Program, along with broader reforms in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act." Oh yes Congress make another illegal act he has made legal or the "liberal" judges might get him. That is three in two days he has asked for. First torture by CIA then no trials and now wiretaps with no oversight.

The rest of the speech was basically the old 9/11=Iraq.



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