Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blackwell in debate: all insults no substance

Today was the first debate in the gubernatorial race here in Ohio. A debate according to Webster’s dictionary: “a discussion, as of a public question in an assembly, involving opposing viewpoints:

Apparently Ken Blackwell prefers insults to substance.

Childish Insult:
Blackwell: "Like his brother Ted, the only thing Jerry's good at running is his mouth."

Insult of voters intelligence #1:Blackwell: "We had a great election in 2004"

Insult of profession:
Blackwell:” This 'I'm OK, You're OK,' approach is nice for psychologists but I'll tell you right now what Ohioans are looking for is people who will provide leadership to put them back to work."

Insult of voter’s intelligence #2 (Blackwell is part of the Republican administration of Taft):
Blackwell:"Improving the state's economy takes leadership. That doesn't take business as usual, that doesn't take an extension of the philosophy of Bob Taft, which this gentleman represents."

Insult of the former Methodist Minister Strickland’s Faith:
Blackwell: "His voting record shows he doesn't think there's place for god, faith and religion in public place."

Finally, though Strickland answered Blackwell’s insults and twisted facts quite well, he ended the debate with the only sentence that says it all: Strickland: “people should vote for Blackwell if they like how things are going in Ohio.”



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