Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ohio for Edwards

I have posted about the need for real true moral leaders. I have also posted about how it is our responsiblity to find, support and get the word out about those leaders. We cannot once again allow a few states with early primaries or caucuses, or a few party bosses in New York and Washington D.C. decide for us.

After a great deal of research, reading and thought it is my belief that John Edwards is such a leader. Today I joined Ohio for Edwards and I encourage each of you to read and learn and do so as well.

The following is an invite to the Ohio for Edwards group.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Ohio For Edwards, is recruiting members to join our grassroots group and become a part of a national network of volunteers, PeopleForEdwards, working in collaboration to support John Edwards as he battles poverty and fights to get Democrats elected in every state. Grassroots Volunteers supporting John Edwards in every state! I WANT YOU to to join Ohio For Edwards TODAY!

There are two different Americas in our country today — one for those at the top who get everything they want, and another for everybody else who struggles just to get by.

John Edwards understands this, and knows that if we want to build one America, we need a change in our country's leadership. George Bush and Republicans across the country have not led us toward one America; the Democrats across this country will.

The One America Committee is dedicated to helping elect Democratic candidates across the country. Join us, and together, we can build one America that works for all of us. Visit today.

I know everybody is focused on this November's election, as we should be. Our first priority is ridding our government of the corruption, cronyism, ideological extremism, election tampering and rubber-stamp for the Bush-Cheney White House represented by the Taft/Blackwell/DeWine/Bob Ney/Jean Schmidt GOP machine. But it's not too early to think about the future that lies ahead.

The swearing in of Governor Ted Strickland, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, Attorney General Marc Dann, and Senator Sherrod Brown next January will not only mark a great day for the future of our State and Nation, but also begins the countdown for selecting the next President of the United States. At that point we only have 12 months before the first Caucuses in Iowa and Nevada with the New Hampshire and South Carolina Primaries a week later.

Former Senator and Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards is asking for your help to organize and become a grassroots instrument for change. As Co-Chair of Ohio For Edwards I'm here to tell you how.

First, stop by and register a a member of our Yahoo Group, Ohio For Edwards. It's free, easy and doesn't contain an ounce of fat! I'll keep you up to date on the latest happening, important announcements, and calls to action though our membership list.

Next, take a look at the Senator's blog, One America Committee Blog. You can read what other progressive activists are up to, sign up and post your own diaries, and even submit your entries for submission to the community's front page. It's all very democratic, with an interesting and intelligent membership -- rich with ideas and experience from all over the USA.

If you're not from Ohio, you can still visit People for Edwards and be directed to the group for your State. We're still looking for Co-Chairs for about half the States, so if you're willing to spend the time, we're looking for leaders like you.

Even if you haven't made up your mind who should be the best candidate for President (it's okay, it is a little early in the process), you should at least JOIN Ohio For Edwards to keep abreast of how Democrats in general, and John Edwards in particular are going to need you to take back our country.

Real change is sweeping this nation -- and it starts here in Ohio.

By this time next year we will have a true progressive voice in the US Senate representing Ohio's people, instead of shielding President Bush's scheme to shred the Constitution while cutting the taxes of the very wealthiest.
We will have a Governor of whom we can be proud, instead of hanging our head in shame at the mere mention of his name.
We will all be proud of a Secretary of State who will work to make sure everyone who wants to vote can, and can trust their vote is counted.
We will be assured that we have an Attorney General that will weed out the criminal corruption that has plagued our great State.

That will be the foundation of a new Ohio, and a new America. But it doesn't stop there. It's going to take hard work to take back the White House and make the country work for the working people of America. It's a long road, but it starts here in Ohio, because as you all know, As Ohio Goes, So Goes The Nation.


Blogger Lisa Renee said...

I joined too and I also share your belief that John Edwards would be a great President.

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