Saturday, August 26, 2006

Obama in Kenya

On August 5th I wrote: "Our Leaders used to be cheered in the streets when they would visit abroad, now they must be snuck in by a very fast protected motorcade under secrecy."
Later on August 21 I posted: "Where are the People who lead us to action, purpose and right? People that want to lead us to achieve national and world goals. People who want to accomplish something not just look good or win elections or increase their wealth.

I must believe they exist. I do believe they exist. For the good of our nation and our world we as citizens must find them. We cannot depend on the Party bosses, or the corporate donors to choose whom our candidates will be. We must find them, we must encourage them, and we must get the word out about them."

Seems the word is getting out in Kenya.

KISUMU, Kenya (CNN) -- Tens of thousands of Kenyans lined the streets of Kisumu on Saturday, giving U.S. Sen. Barack Obama a hero's welcome as he arrived to visit the nearby village where his late father and grandfather lived.

Massive crowds screamed "Obama, Obama" and waved flags emblazoned with his name and face, as the 45-year-old junior senator from Illinois rode through the streets in a truck flanked by a lengthy convoy.

Sources:, photograph from The New York Times.


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