Monday, August 14, 2006

Race for Ohio Secretary of State Critical

Whether you believe the 2004 election was stolen in Ohio or not. Just the appearance of impropriety and the continued focus on fair elections within our state, has caused most Ohioans great concern. If the citizens of this state and this country do not believe the elections are not run fairly and above board, the very fabric of our republic is in danger.

This is why this year it is imperative that voters look closely at the two candidates for this office and make an informed choice, based on qualifications, experience and honesty.

The web sites of both candidates provide good information on their backgrounds.

Greg Hartman
County Clerk of Courts
Worked hard to elect Republicans

Jennifer Brunner
Franklin County Common Pleas Court Judge
Franklin County Board of Elections
Legislative Counsel for the Secretary of State
Private Practice as Election Law Attorney
Special Prosecutor for Election Fraud

No matter your party affiliation, it is clear one candidate for this office is highly qualified to do the actual job and the other is simply another party operative.

We have gone the operative route for Secretary of State with Kenneth Blackwell, and it has tied the word “Ohio” to the words “election fraud” forever in history.

Support someone actually qualified to do the job. That person is Jennifer Brunner.



Blogger Andrew Warner said...

You forgot to mention the other candidate in the race: Tim Kettler.

He's honest and not corporate owned. Those are the two most important qualities in someone running elections.

2:41 PM  

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