Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pat Robertson, Anne Coulter and Paris Hilton

Pat Robertson of 700-club fame made a comment concerning the cease-fire between Hezbollah and Israel that has enraged many in the Jewish Community.

Anne Coulter in one week accused Al Gore, Bill and Hillary Clinton of being closet homosexuals. This was in between the constant accusations that passages of her recent book are plagiarized.

Paris Hilton last week announces she is choosing a life of celibacy and compared herself to Princess Diana.

What is significant about the words or actions of these people? NOTHING!

Pat Robertson’s delusional rants have been going on now for years, who cares? Let him and his 700 club followers wallow in their cable evangelism wacko world. Spare the rest of us his uniformed, psycho religious idiocy.

Someone PLEEAASSE tell me why they keep putting Anne Coulter on television. Ok Fox news that has no requirement for truth or accuracy I understand. But MSNBC and CNN please stop. She has been caught in lies again and again. She clearly says stuff just to get press. She is like the whiney middle child that constantly tells tall stories to get attention. “Yea I saw that guy outside my window and at night he wears read and does devil chants and yesterday he stole my cookie.”

Then Paris Hilton the spoiled little rich girl made famous in a widely distributed Internet porn video. She is unique how? What she says or does is important, why? Yet at least monthly there she is on TV or my newspaper saying something else, amazingly stupid.

These people are neither interesting, funny or have anything to say that bears any more importance then the mumblings of the town drunk when he is on a good high. As my wise mother often told me about such people. “Ignore them and they will go away.”

I know I know, now locusts will come down on my house, Anne Coulter is going to question my sexual orientation and I'll never get to be in a Paris Hilton video.

Oh well thats the price one pays for expressing opinions.


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