Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Republicans in Congress prefer games to solutions

Despite the fact a number of congressional republicans are running scared after returning from campaigning in their districts, all indications are that they will continue to play political games as usual in this short session rather then coming up with solutions to actually achieve something.

The minimum wage debate is the clearest example of this. As of now any increase in the minimum wage is in a bill tied to extend the estate tax cut and the tax relief act, which gives tax breaks to the richest Americans while doing nothing for the middle class. The republican leadership quickly squashes any talk of separating these two measures. As is their standard way of operating, they tie things together that they know the democrats in congress cannot support. "Then later claim, they voted against it! We tried."

The most overstated past instance of this is the patriot act. This act having a number of valid effective tools to assist law enforcement, it also contained a number of features many democrats found at the least unnecessary and at the most unconstitutional infringes on our rights. Thus many democrats voted against it. You know the results, how many commercials have you seen already saying essentially "They voted against the patriot act, they don't want to fight terrorists!"

The biggest laugh this time is that Deborah Pryce from the 15th district is willing to separate the minimum wage from the estate tax, but wait!!...she wants to tie it to another "gift" for business that will result in exempting some from state regulation and resulting in higher insurance premiums for 4 out of 5 small businesses.

We need solutions not games, throw the bums out!

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