Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Republican games continue

The following amendment was proposed by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid on the Senate floor today.

Sense of the Senate on the Need for a New Direction in Iraq Policy and in the Civilian Leadership of the Department of Defense:


1. U.S. forces have served honorably and courageously in Iraq, with over 2,600 brave Americans having made the ultimate sacrifice and over 20,000 wounded.

2. The current “stay the course” policy in Iraq has made America less secure, reduced the readiness of our troops, and burdened America’s taxpayers with over $300 billion in additional debt.

3. With weekly attacks against American and Iraqi troops at their highest levels since the start of the war, and sectarian violence intensifying, it is clear that staying the course in Iraq is not a strategy for success.


1. Our troops deserve and the American people expect the Bush Administration to provide competent civilian leadership and a true strategy for success in Iraq.

2. President Bush needs to change course in Iraq to provide a strategy for success. One indication of a change of course would be to replace the current Secretary of Defense.

Based on poll after poll its clear how the citizens of the United States feel on the issues posed in this amendment. How does the Senate feel? We will never know, the Republican leadership ruled that this amendment was "not material" and ruled it out of order.

Why vote party to change the majority in Senate and Congress? Today's actions are just one of years of such reasons.

Ohio the choice is clear, we must elect Sherrod Brown to the Senate.


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