Friday, September 08, 2006

Give Texas Back to Mexico

Ok its Friday afternoon at the office on a very slow day. Thus my mind has been wandering all over the place. But, for some reason Texas keeps coming into my brain. And in my daydreams I considered what if the Alamo was the end of that war not the beginning? What if Texas was still part of Mexico?

Just think:

No George H Bush (though most likely the Maine Resident would be from Nevada another place to buy a hotel suite, claim residence and have no state income tax.

No George W. Bush, ok he would probably be from Nevada now too but go with me on this.

No Dick Cheney (do Mexicans like to hunt?)

No Halliburton, (thus we would have never heard of Dick Cheney)

No Tom Delay (ok I’m liking this more and more)

No J.R. Ewing (well perhaps it would still be a novella on Telemundo)

No Immigration problem (why would they come here they would actually have jobs, agriculture and wealth)

But wait:

More Dependence on foreign oil. (Is the amount of oil they produce in Texas worth what we pay in kickbacks to oil companies and over charges by Halliburton?)

The words “Houston we have a problem” would be in Spanish.

The Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans would play Soccer. (Not sure this is good or bad, but I’m thinking of cheerleaders when I put this in.)

And the biggest reason my daydream won’t work…

We would miss watching the Buckeyes whip Longhorn tail tomorrow.

Go Bucks!


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