Thursday, November 09, 2006

National Agenda

Things I will be writing about and urging the Democratic House and Senate to accomplish.

Restore the Constitution:
Do not allow the Illegal wiretapping bill to pass in lame duck session.
Restore the writ of Habeas Corpus.
Stop Torture of anyone by American personal that includes CIA.
Take away the authority of the President to re-interpret Geneva conventions
Stop signing statements

Fiscal responsibility
Stop the unfounded spending spree.
Stop war profiteering with unbid over budget contracts
Stop incentives to Oil industry and Pharmaceutical industries
Eliminate tax cuts for the rich and realign to reduce middle class taxes.

Set a plan, with benchmarks for the Iraq government.
Involve other countries to assist

War on terror
Implement 911 commission recommendations
Secure Borders
Get Bin Laden
Eliminate Unconstitutional aspects of patriot act.
Put in actual preparations for disaster not cosmetic

Stem Cell Research
Pass it

Real lobbying reform
Strict rules against even the appearance of impropriety

Of Intelligence
Of War planning and execution
Of surveillance
Of nominations for any position

Real energy policy not written by oil industry
End incentives for Oil companies
Oversight of price gauging
Reduce dependence on foreign oil
Develop alternative energy

Health Care
Complete overhaul
Increase coverage
Reduce costs

Fix flawed trade agreements
Implement agreements fair to American workers.

A mandate to put major resources to fight poverty in the United States

Quite a list for 2 years. We better get busy. (I reserve the right to revise and extend the list)


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