Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The big winner on Tuesday: Gerrymandering

Though democrats in Ohio made big gains in the state offices and in the United States Senate, as of now it appears that only 1 congressional seat has changed parties. That being Bob Ney’s seat, which was doomed the moment he plead guilty. Despite the millions spent in the state the incredible campaign efforts made to make several races competitive, the safety of the gerrymandered districts held to form.

In addition limited gains were made in the Ohio House and State Senate also districts set by republicans.

Though there were incidents at the polls reported all over the state, at this point it appears none were significant enough to change the results. Though it may be too early to know that for sure.

These results are clear evidence that a more equitable non-partisan way of redistricting must be conceived. This is not democracy as envisioned by our for-fathers. It clearly won’t be an easy task, and the temptation to skew the districting in our favor will be immense. But that’s were we as Democrats must show the voters of Ohio that we are above the tactics of the GOP.

With Jennifer as Secretary of State we have improved our management of elections tremendously. But that is just the beginning. With the other State office holders, the congressional, state senate and state house districts must be corrected to be fair and equal as much as absolutely possible, to truly reflect the voters of those counties.


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