Monday, November 06, 2006

My final Endorsement: OH: Senate

I wrote on this blog several weeks ago expressing my displeasure with Sherrod Brown with his vote on the Torture Bill. My position has not and will not change this bill is a horrible affront to the constitution and Brown was wrong to have voted for it.

However, so did Dewine.

When you look at the history of Mike Dewine as a Senator. His marching in lock step with the Bush Crime family. Approving every one of Bush’s atrocities. Then running the dirtiest, lowest, most dishonest campaign perhaps in the nation, I have to agree with the words of NBC’s Chris Wallace, Mike Dewine “you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Sherrod was one of the few that voted against the war even with the bad intelligence being fed to congress. Sherrod has worked hard even against his own party against trade deals that have since shown to be monumental failures and have done major damage to the economy and the citizens of Ohio. Brown will not march in lock step with anyone anytime. Brown will however listen, respond and do what he thinks is right for Ohio.

I’m sure I’ll be writing many a letter to Sherrod Brown as our New Senator. But I know with him, I’ll be writing the decision maker not the mindless political solider of Bush.

I endorse Sherrod Brown for Senate of the United States.


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