Thursday, November 02, 2006

4 days to go:Ohio Supreme Court

On the 4th day before the election my endorsement is to be: Espy for Supreme Court.

I know Ben Espy better then any candidate this election. I watched him, as he was a true Leader on Columbus City Council. He fought for his constituents, he obtained facts, he listened and he got things done. When he was injured in a freak accident when a building facad fell and hit him. Ben didn’t skip a beat. He continued to work as a leader an advocate and a citizen.

What we need on the Supreme Court are men of wisdom, fairness, education and experience. Ben Espy has all of these. He will not make decisions based on religious ideology like Cupp clearly implies in his commercials. Ben will get the evidence, review the cases and make the decision that is right, fair and according to the law.

Ben Espy is a clear choice for the Ohio Supreme Court.


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