Thursday, October 26, 2006

Progressive 1230 Removed

Progressive 1230 radio in Columbus has been removed from my links list and replaced with progressive radio in Boston. I have done this after months of frustration and annoyance with the poor management of the Columbus channel.

Their promos are rarely updated, and are stupid at best. Their website is racked with problems and many features do not work properly. They provide no contact information via email or telephone to complain. They provide no local content except a few traffic reports, no local news, and no local weather.

They pre-empt progressive talk for Cincinnati Reds games which this I understand but now they cover Bowling Green Football??

The final straw is they are participating in a Jones Radio Network contest. They jumped on board late, announced the rules, then changed the rules. When after much research I found an actual phone number for them to complain, I was told Jones Network set the rules. I contacted Jones network and also checked with other participating stations. It seems I was lied to.

The name of this blog is Fundamental Truths. I don't put up with being lied to.

Thus I have replaced progressive 1230 with stations in Boston. They are well managed. They have live stream all the time and they also link to Fundamental Truths and have for months, when the local station ignored such requests.

Is funny they are all Clear Channel Stations, just apparently is a local management matter.

In any case I'm done with them.


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