Tuesday, October 24, 2006

OH 18:Padgett plays the prejudice card

Joy Padgett the woman that accused former hostage Terry Anderson as being weak on terrorism has sunk into the smelly bowels of prejudice this election. Her new ad "she is one of us" seems a safe enough line, but then in between repeating this line she mentions the marriage amendment and immigration. Yes Joy we get it, your one of us means white, non-Hispanic gay hater. I'm half surprised there isn’t a confederate flag or a burning cross somewhere in the commercial.

Bad news Joy, your not one of us, your an unethical, say anything do anything to get elected joke of a candidate.

I say it once again. Joy Padgett is the worse candidate for congress in Ohio, yes that includes Jean Schmidt. (But she is a close second.)

Zack Space is the clear choice here. Leadership vs. Prejudice. Easy decision.


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