Wednesday, October 11, 2006

OH 18: Padgett Mailer nothing but Lies.

I recently got a copy of a mailer sent out by Joy Padgett in the 18th district. She doesn’t even attempt to tell the truth as she asks for even more money to run more negative advertisements.

Padgett Lie: “While I want to protect our borders and send illegal aliens back to where they came from, my opponent wants to let them stay here while they collect Social Security and Welfare Dollars.”

The Truth: If their illegal how exactly is it they register and get welfare and social security? She wants to round up 12 million people and ship them back, hmm ok, better buy one hell of a lot of busses. Oh and by the way, her statement on Space’s position is a total and complete LIE. From his web site: “First, we must do whatever it takes to secure our borders.” And later he says: “I oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.”

Padgett Lie: She implies that Space is for gun control by claiming one of his donors is a gun control organization.

Truth: Zack Space is not only a gun owner but also a member of the NRA. He is a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights.

Padgett Lie: “I know that my family and I will be attacked on TV, radio and mailboxes throughout the district”

Truth: The only one that has said one word about her family in this campaign is Padgett herself when she attempted to blame her bankruptcy on her Husband.

Padget Lie: That Zack Space is a tax and spend Liberal

Truth: Zack Space has a solid background as an Attorney, City official, successful business owner, coach and leadership in community charitable organizations. Nowhere in his background is there anything to define him as a tax and spend liberal.

Padgett Lie: Space is funded by personal injury lawyers and out of state interests groups.

Truth: Speaking of out of state, the National Republican Congressional Campaign is spending over $1 million dollars on Padgett’s campaign. With the Republican track history of money coming from the likes of Tom Delay who resigned in disgrace, Bob Ney soon to have a prisoner number of his own, Foley (need I say more), Tom Noe: on trial as we speak. For her to imply it is locals vs. out of state evil liberals is yes, another lie.

Padgett Lie: She claims Space is out of touch with mainstream values.

Truth: It is Padgett and the Republican cronies that are out of touch with the values of the voters of the 18th district. Values like telling the truth, being opposed to corruption and bribery, and yes even opposition to covering up an Internet sexual predator for political reasons.

Again I’ll say it: Padgett is the worst candidate for Congress in the State of Ohio.

Support Zack Space in Ohio 18th Congressional District.


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