Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lahood:The page program is flawed

Ray Lahood of Illinios blames the page program itself. "Its the page program that is flawed it should be ended."

I see, so we can't have a page program anymore because the congressmen can't be trusted not to have inappropriate contact with them?

It is NOT the page program that is flawed its the Congressmen. Their continued attempts to deflect blame away from where it belongs proves what kind of irresponsible, immoral and cowardly scum sit in leadership in this congress.

This Congress must go, toss them all out.

Vote Democrat Nov 7th.

source: CNN, Larry King Live


Anonymous Jan said...

You know that infuriates me that Foley even brings up he was molested by a Priest. For what reason then to look for sympathy and say aaah ok because that happened we cant blame him

Such utter BS that is. Many boys were molested by Priests and went thru hell emotionally for years because of that, but they don’t use their mistakes in life, as all blamed on that and to even insinuate that he is like that because of his abused is so bogus and trying to place blame. He would have been better off taking complete responsibility not trying to place a reason for his actions.

He’s going to infuriate the men that were molested by Priests as well you watch. I bet you get many that will come forward appalled he could even think of using that as an excuse for his actions. It’s like saying “hey it’s ok if we all are pedophiles or completely screwed up look what the church did to us.”

7:12 AM  

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