Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Absolutely Sick

I haven’t posted for a few days for a few reasons, one of which is I am totally and utterly flabbergasted. My first reaction to the Foley resignation was not so much political but more a sadness that once again, one who seems to be a vocal crusader against some sexual related perversion is in fact a hypocrite. But this is not rare and really didn’t surprise me, what has followed has.

The Republican Spin Machine that has been successful at spinning so many things: Fox News is fair and balanced, 9/11=Iraq, vote GOP or ….the terrorists will get you, your taxes will go up, or you will go to Hell, its Clinton's fault for (fill in the blank), it’s the local and state governments fault for (fill in the blank), and many more. Now they have gotten so cocky they are attempting to spin away the acts of a man who preys on children via the Internet.

They have tried comparing it to other sexual embarrassments of the past involving consenting adults. Then the nutty attempt to try the “alcohol made him do it”. People like Matt Drudge was way worse by essentially blaming the 16 year old kids claiming the “beasts” drew in the kind old Senator. Then that leaves the most laughable of all to somehow making it the fault of gay people.

The hypocrisy here is seen by everyone, I mean everyone, liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, big city people and rural. Those that watch the news intently or the casual followers of news events, Christian fundamentalists and Athiests.

The facts are this; the man who was entrusted to lead the congress in laws against Internet sexual predators is in fact a sexual predator. In addition, this involved a minor, period, illegal, and no question. There is no justification or ignoring the crime here.

This man should have been tossed out on his ear the moment this came out, and everyone who knew and did nothing about it should be gone too. I would bet the house, (if I had one) that some of these very people trying to justify these things and the cover-up are people who came out vocally against the Catholic Church for its actions.

The one positive that will come from all of this is, that liars are caught when they keep lying as long as they get away with it. Then eventually the lie becomes so obtuse, not only is it not believed, nothing previously stated or spoken in future by the liar is rarely believed again. The GOP crossed the line here, their credibility is now gone with the even more voters then ever before.


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