Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do they think we are stupid?

The fabrications, misstatements and outright lies of the Republican Candidates and office holders are beginning to amaze even me. Lets start in Ohio.

Issue 1:
For weeks we have been seeing and hearing GOP candidates including Blackwell talk about Jobs and Taxes. Do they wish us to not notice as the unemployment rate in Ohio continues to be worse then the nations over all, do they expect us to not notice all the plant closings that are happening every day. Do they expect us to actually believe we got some sort of a tax cut when we all know we pay more in gasoline taxes, property taxes and no less in income taxes. Do they expect us to forget as Ohio has continued to falter deeper and deeper economically, educationally and in job growth, that it has been the Republican party that has controlled all state offices and the State House for 16 years.

On this issue GOP office holders, we have had enough of irresponsible government, lost jobs and taxes spent on embezzlement. Its time the party that presided over all these things is tossed out of office.

Issue 2: Cherry picking cases to claim some sort of weakness on the opponent. Greg Hartman unable to discuss his qualifications, as he has none compared to the years of directly related experience on Jennifer Brunner’s resume. So he picks out of 6000 some cases in her time as a judge to find a few that she based on the facts of the case and very possibly on the prosecutors recommendation gave seemingly light sentences. Give me a break. Jennifer is highly qualified, Hartman is not. Period.

Issue 3: State Auditor Betty Montgomery who presided over the auditing of the states financial transactions through by any account the most corrupt, embezzle-ridden and criminal administration in Ohio history, now wants to be our chief law enforcement officer? Why so no further Republican’s can be convicted from this administration for things we don’t even know about yet?

Now She decides to use clients her opponent has defended as an attorney as a swipe against him. He was doing his job Ms. Montgomery, making our legal system work, providing a defense as required by law. Yes, Ms. Montgomery he actually has to work for a living unlike playing republican musical chairs like you have done for as long as we all can remember.

Issue 4: Deborah Pyrce, Joy Padgett and Mike Dewine: The three people trying to convince us they are “independent from Bush, but just like the oil companies, prescription companies and insurance companies, their hands are out to smile and take in the campaign cash George or in Padgett’s case Laura, can generate by dining with them with the big money rollers. Pryce’s record is clear, she is Big Oil, Big Deficit, Big War and Dewine, well he is following the same George Bush dance step, every inch of the way and claiming credit for tax breaks 75% of us never saw. Padgett doesn’t even try to hide it, her web site is word for word republican talking points we have heard for years without an original thought. Just say the words out loud, Congresswoman Joy Padgett? Shivers.

Issue 5: 16 intelligence agencies issue a report that has as one of its major findings, what we all knew already. The war in Iraq is creating terrorists, not eliminating them. Bush’s response, “they are naïve.” Perhaps Mr. Bush if you actually listened to the professional intelligence community around you instead of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney once in a great while things would be working out better. Lets see, they warned you of Bin Laden's desire to attack before 9/11. They told you there were no Weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq. You were warned the war would turn into sectarian violence. That’s 3, and I am not even mentioning that the entire weather, emergency and broadcast community told you Katrina was coming. Who is naïve Mr. President?

This republican Machine may have fooled the voters for a while, but the tide has changed, and everything short of stealing another election, points to a major house cleaning, in Ohio and in Congress.


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