Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chavez doesn’t understand Americans

Regular readers of my blog may want to hold on to your seats for this one. But here I go.

I found the speech of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez insulting, disrespectful and has no place from the podium of the United Nations. Yes as an American I express my opinion freely about the current President of the United States. Yes I have a lot of issues with his administration’s actions, policies and motives. Yes I believe investigations on many of his actions should be conducted including a possible impeachment trial.

But as an American I have not only the right but also the responsibility to do so. You Sir may have the right to speak your mind but as a leader you also have the responsibility to maintain a level of respect for other nations regardless of who their leader may be at the time. Your remarks did not insult a man they insulted a nation.

Through good Presidents and lesser ones, our nation has protected your country Mr. Chavez from dangers from countries in other parts of the world. Our Nation has fed, supported, assisted in more ways and with more dollars then any other nation would ever dream of doing. Our nation has made it possible for your country to drill, transport and sell its most valuable national resource oil.

So remember Mr. Chavez when you call our President a “devil” good our bad he is our President and the citizens of this country will decide if and when to take actions. But the Presidency of the United States has stood strong for 230 years. It was there long before George W. Bush and will remain a respected position in the world long after.

You may have gotten a few laughs today, Mr. Chavez, but you have not endeared yourself to the Citizens of the United States or to most of the Citizens of the World.


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