Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ohio Democratic Convention part 2

The Ohio Senate Majority Leader C.J. Prentiss, took the podium to introduce Ted Strickland. In her remarks she drew rousing applause when she stated, “Ken Blackwell is our color but he is not our kind.”

Congressmen Ted Strickland brought the delegates to their feet as he began to speak. He said, “16 years of incompetent, corrupt and illegal republican government that has misused, abused and lied to us. We have had enough!”

He spoke of a Hunger so deep and thirst that is so intense and a determination among Ohioans. He said they know that the eyes of the nation are on Ohio. That “Bush, Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld are sweating profusely.”

Congressman Strickland spoke of the GOP using Fear, Hate, and Division to try to win this election while the Democrats are the party of “Hope, Optimism and Inclusion.” He said we would see through their use of the tactics of fear and intolerance. Firmly he spoke, “Hell no they can’t divide us!”

He said that in 52 days we can right the wrongs, we can send 4 or 5 new democrats to Congress, we can send Sherrod to the Senate and we could sweep the constitutional state offices. Strickland said that as Democrats we must be true to the mission of our party. He said, that one should judge someone’s character by how they treat those in the dawn of life, the twilight of life and those that live in the shadows of life.

He closed by saying that he would work his heart out and keep his faith with us. He said, “What we are doing can change Ohio and America.”

Congressman Tim Ryan got the attention of the crowd when he reminded us that the Democratic Party is the party that actually solves problems. It was Democrats that brought Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid into being. It was the Democrats that improved civil rights in this country.

He said the one thing we as democrats can campaign on is that the Neo-Can agenda has been in place for some time now. We simply need to ask, “Do you like it?” He spoke how the Republicans in power, “don’t plan, don’t execute and steps on anyone who gets in their way.”

The delegates then heard briefly from Mayor Mark Mallory of Cincinnati, and then Stephanie Tubbs Jones who said that Democrats are “poised to take 40 congressional seats”

The Keynote speaker was Congressman Rahm Emanuel of Illinois and the Chairman of the DCCC. He noted that as Democrats were meeting today, that he understood the republicans were as well, “In the Grand Jury Room.”

He reminded us that Bush stated early in his presidency that he was against nation building. Emanuel then stated, “ Who knew it was America he was talking about.”

He reminded us that Nation Building Begins at home. The Congressman disputed the label the “do nothing congress.” He stated that it is what they do that is concerning. He reminded us that this Republican congress has given 139 million in handouts to prescription companies, 132 million to HMO’s, 15 billion to financial services industry and 12 billion to the oil and gas industry. He said, “When the gavel comes down, it is suppose to be the people’s house not the auction house.” He also reminded us of the 12.7 million cut to student aid programs while tuitions have gone up 51%

He repeated the Theme of the day, “we need a new direction” He theorized that if Congress had done their oversight duty then 12 generals would not have to have taken the unprecedented move and come out against the Secretary of Defense. He stated, “It is time for a visionary plan that begins with the firing of the Secretary of Defense.”

He stated the Democrats want a new direction; the Republicans want to stay the course. He stated we would forever be in this president’s debt. (Literally)

He closed with, “It is time for a new direction and it begins here in Ohio.”

Also addressing the Convention were Lee Fisher candidate for Lieutenant Governor Candidate, Barbara Sykes Candidate for Auditor and Jennifer Brunner Candidate for Secretary of State.

Jennifer Brunner spoke about the election process in Ohio. She said, “When you umpire a game, you can’t wear the jersey of one of the teams.” She promised a top to bottom review of all the voting machines in the state. She is determined to protect every vote.

She wants to work to help increase voter registration not limit it. That elections must be fair open and honest. She stated, “When the road to the White House comes through Ohio, I will do such a good job, that no one will know my name.”

The final speaker was William O’Neill candidate for Supreme Court.

The Convention was ended with a video message from former President Bill Clinton.

In short the conventions message was: “A New Direction,” “Democrats are winning,” and “Keep working hard to ensure the victory.”


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