Monday, September 18, 2006

CUFI works with GOP to bring Armageddon

Today I heard a portion of the National Public Radio Show, Fresh Air. The topic was about Christians United for Israel. A relatively new group of evangelical Ministers that work for, per their web site “in support of Israel in matters related to Biblical issues.”

This group founded by John Hagee the pastor of the Cornerstone Church and TV Ministry in San Antonio. It also includes others such as Gary Bauer, Jerry Falwell and Rod Parsley who’s church is in the southeast Columbus metro area. Parsley is a major force behind Blackwell’s campaign for governor.

John Hagee constantly preaches that the end of the world is very near. That many of the prophecies that lead to the end involve Israel. He and this group lobby for an Armageddon based foreign policy that is opposed to compromise or working out peace deals with the Palestinians, Iran or other parties in the Middle East. They state that any peace deal worked out in Israel is false. Thus they work to get the administration to take a hard line against Iran, Lebanon, and Palestine, and encourage blind support for Israel.

What is very concerning to me is that they indeed have the ear of the Republicans in the White House and on Capitol Hill. Per Max Blumenthal in his recent article in “The Nation” CUFI’s lobbyist David Brog and other leaders of the CUFI have had a series of off the record meetings with White House officials.

At their kick off banquet in July, this group of 3000, members listened to speeches by Senator Rick Santorum, Republican National Committee Chairmen Ken Mehlman and a video welcome by President George W. Bush.

Ok soapbox time:

I have nothing against support for Israel. But I happen to believe that peace in the Middle East is in the best interest of not only Israel but also the Arabs and the entire world. The hate, the violence and the war that has existed for centuries in a land that is considered holy by three of the world’s great religions is a black mark against the followers of all of those faiths.

Working against Peace? How can anyone twist Christian principles and biblical writings to say its Christian to be against peace? This ranks up there with the KKK using Christianity to spread racism.

My next question is what kind of egos do these men have to believe that they can force the hand of God, to bring about Armageddon on their schedule. The God I believe in has a plan, and he will do what he chooses, for reasons he chooses and when he chooses. These men will not force God to do anything, no matter how many people watch them preach on television, how many dollars they have to build bigger and bigger churches and how many politicians they have in their pockets.

Men like this can indeed bring about horrors this world has never seen. Fire, Death, Destruction, and they even may succeed in destroying the world as we know it. But I will tell you this, if they succeed in doing so, it will be the because of the actions of twisted, misguided and evil men.

It will have had nothing to do with the will of God.

Sources:,, National Public Radio’s “Fresh Air”


Blogger Jill said...

Couldn't agree with you more. What's even nuttier? Some of the Jews who have become palsy walsy with these Christians. Talk about turning things on their heads.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Joe R said...

I agree, something tells me the Israelis don't see their purpose as preparing the land for the Christian Armegeddon.

4:41 PM  

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