Tuesday, September 19, 2006

OH:18 Padgett’s website proves she is just another Ney.

I found Joy Padgett’s web site and never have I seen such a concise restatement of Republican talking points, without a single original idea.

On the Deficit she tells us how the tax cuts for the rich are working. And how Republicans have to be responsible stewards of taxpayer’s dollars. Yes with the record deficits federally and the Tax gimmicks she voted for in the State house, the GOP is doing a bang up job there. Speaking of responsible stewards of dollars, her bankruptcy proves she isn't responsible with her own dollars let alone the taxpayer dollars behind the SBA loan she defaulted on.

On Iraq, she says, “I believe Iraq is part of the War on Terror. By winning in Iraq, we win an important part of the overall war.” Is she the only one left that doesn’t realize Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

On terrorism, she says, “The best way to fight terrorism at home is to take the fight to the enemy in the Middle East.” Wow word for word the same Bush talking point being used now for 3 years as this policy continues to fail. Do they even use this one anymore. Perhaps she needs a new talking points memo.

Then her section on why people should elect her is hilarious. She cites her 20 years as a teacher, and though I respect teachers a great deal, I don’t think that compares to the education and experience in law and courtrooms and negotiations that her opponent has. She then cites her experience working for bi partisan legislation. Bi partisan? The Republican Party has controlled virtually all aspects of the Ohio Government for the last 16 years. When did she have to work for bi partisan legislation? Then she lists her experience as the director of the Office of Appalachia, a job convicted governor Bob Taft appointed her to.

The office of Appalachia has a very nicely written mission but the reality is the primary role of this office is to make sure Ohio gets its share of Pork from the Appalachian regional commission. Most money from which rarely goes anywhere near the most distressed counties in the region.

Thanks for your web site Joy Padgett it just confirms that you are just another cookie cutter, unoriginal rubberstamping legislator.

Unfortunately for you the voters want change, and that’s why Zack Space will be the next congressman from the 18th district.


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