Monday, September 25, 2006

Pathological Liars

I think most people have had the "pleasure" of knowing one or more pathological liars in their lives. I have known more then my share, but in doing so I have learned to recognize certain patterns that seem to be consistent between them.

1: They stick to their lies even when faced with the evidence that they are indeed lying.

2: Repeat the lie often: If the lie is gaining them something continue to do it, and in the process familiarity with the lie often leads some to think it is the truth.

3. Attack those that bear the truth: Their first response is to do everything possible to discredit the factual person. Accusing them constantly of being a liar or mistaken or not in touch with reality.

4. Divert the discussion: Rather then discussing the facts of the lie they quickly attempt to divert attention away from the task at hand and change the topic to some weakness in the fact bearer.

5.When cornered, alter the lie: When all else fails find another explanation for the lie in the first place or change the lie to get around the facts and claim that’s what has been the story all along.

6:When completely totally busted: A. Blame the lie on another, B.beg forgiveness or C.claim mental instability.

I wonder which of the choices in step 3 George W. Bush will use. My bet is on A.


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