Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blackwell’s answer to everything, sell it.

Whether it is the Ohio Turnpike or Education, Blackwell’s pattern is to sell off the responsibility. He has advocated selling the turnpike which transfers operation to private interests. That for a one time cash windfall can operate it as they will and charge higher and higher tolls once again profiting on the backs of Ohio citizens.

Now he pushes charter schools. Dandy idea give millions in tax dollars to private interests to run schools that experience shows proved poorer results then public education. This by the way is a Republican scam that is most evidenced in New Orleans where the Bush administration has managed to use the Katrina disaster to replace the public schools with mostly charter schools.

What is next, Health Care? Oh wait that is already done by private interests and going soooo well. Prisons, yea we tried that in Youngstown years ago, it went well too. Law Enforcement? Elections? Judges? I know lets just transfer all the responsibilities we as citizens expect our government to perform to a private corporation. (Wasn’t there a movie about this once?)

This plan would work great for politicians like Blackwell. They can accept bribes and campaign donations from these Corporations in order to get preferred status on receiving these contracts. Then they can make huge profits on the backs of the Citizens of Ohio. Politicians like Blackwell can then blame anything that goes wrong on the private company all the while reaping personal wealth from the stock they own in the same corporations. (do I see Haliburtan waiting in the wings?)

What a deal for Ohio!

With this being said, I wonder why I’m wasting further words on Blackwell’s ridiculous proposals. Though she isn’t singing quite yet…

”la la la la, mi mi mi”

Hear that?

That’s the “fat lady” warming up.


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