Saturday, September 23, 2006

I dream of a day:

I dream of a day: When we have a President that honors his oath “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”

I dream of a day: Where our government actually works for human rights and human dignity in all it does, not just use the word “life” as a political slogan.

I dream of a day: Where our nations problems can be discussed by intelligent leaders with views of all sides rather then those in power suppressing descent with threats, lies and personal attacks.

I dream of a day: Where our government has the respect of the world because of our leadership and our morality and our consistency rather then mistrusted because of lies, “faulty Intelligence” and hypocritical behavior.

I dream of a day: Where the basis of our democracy, the election process is once again fair, untainted and unmanipulated by voter suppression and failed technology.

I dream of a day: Where Agency Heads and diplomats are hired for their qualifications and experience in the field they will work, rather then how they voted, and their loyalty to the President.

I dream of a day: Where the representatives of the people, the Congress of the United States are actually more concerned with the good of their constituents then the desires of their political contributors.

I dream of a day: Where ethics mean ethics and even the appearance of impropriety is investigated and dealt with, rather then convicted criminals remaining in congress and governorships.

I dream of a day: Where those responsible for failures are held accountable based on the facts rather then what party they belong to.

I dream of a day: then when a disaster strikes, the government actually responds efficiently effectively and quickly rather then pointing fingers and deflecting blame while the people are left to suffer.

I dream of a day: Where the press once again is the final line of protection for the citizens of the nation. That the press digs for and reports the truth. Finds corruption and lies and reports them. Shows us what is actually happening rather then serving simply as a mouthpiece for talking points or press releases.

I dream of a day: Where we actually support our troops, with proper equipment, armor, medical care and psychological care, rather then just putting little yellow ribbon stickers on our cars.

I dream of a day: Where religion is used as a basis of peace, love for our fellow man and right and justice. Rather then distorting religion for hate, intolerance and greed.

I dream of a day: Where our leaders inspire us, lead us and make us proud. Rather then anger us, lie to us, frustrate us and embarrass us.

I dream of a day: Where the citizens of our country will take responsibility for their freedom, and work to find the facts, speak out their beliefs and vote for leaders rather then familiar names.

I dream of a day: Where the country created by the framers of the constitution, the country we were taught of as a child. The country we sang about with the national anthem and the country to which we pledged to the flag, once again exists in reality not just in our memory.


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