Friday, September 22, 2006

Speaking of Leaders: Tim Ryan

While Bush has rather successfully distracted the debate away from the war on Iraq, One Congressman stood up to bring our eyes back toward Baghdad. Tim Ryan from the 17th district in Ohio forcefully reminded us of all the misrepresentations of the Bush Administration that lead us into this war and have continued throughout it.

The voters of this country clearly have had it with how this war is being conducted and want change. Thus the Bush and his rubber-stamping GOP congress will do anything to distract voters from Iraq.

What have they been distracting us from? Since we moved troops to concentrate on Baghdad two months ago. 5109 Human beings have lost their lives in that city and 6000 in the country over all. That is twice as many people then died on 9/11. Many of those people died after being tortured. Just last weekend 100 bodies were found that had obviously been tortured before their deaths.

Yesterday the United Nations reported that the level of torture in Iraq is now at a level equal to or higher then, when Saddam Hussein was in power.

The only way to put a stop to this is to use our moral authority and take action against anyone who tortures citizens of Iraq, whether it be either of the religious sects, the Government, the Iraqi Army or Police.

Oh Wait.

We torture too, so much for that idea.

Bush says he brought democracy and liberty to the citizens of Iraq? Seems they haven’t seen much of a difference.

Stay the Course? I think not.

We must vote Democrat for Congress to stop these failed, murderous policies.

Thank you Congressman Ryan for keeping our eyes open towards Iraq.


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