Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Sad Day for America

Today the United States House of Representatives voted to place the President in sole charge of determining what is and what isn’t torture. Since the "Torturer In Chief " has made that already clear that things like water boarding are in his opinion not so. We have made one-man in charge of enforcement and interpretation of law.

Our great constitution that has allowed our form of government to survive so well these 230 years, primarily due to the separation of powers that is inherent in it, has been shredded by this action. George W. Bush that took an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States has succeeded in destroying it. He has done so for the express purpose of allowing our government to torture real or perceived enemies and to maintain and grow his power.

In my mind the Congress is equally responsible for the end of our democracy as we knew it, and yes so are we, the Citizens of this once great republic. We have stood by watching as it happened. We have expressed no outrage, we have not marched in the streets, and only a few voices have expressed opposition to this coup de tat.

Only the Judicial branch is left to prevent the final destruction of our constitution. May the words and strength of the great history of law inspire them to stop the final step to an American Dictatorship.


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