Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ohio's Senators defy Constitution

Senators Dewine and Voinovich have decided to deny their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States by voting to give George W. Bush The Dictatorial Powers to both define, interpret and enforce the law. The President of the United States now has free hand to torture and detain anyone he perceives to be a terrorist threat.

They have also told the world that the United States has no more moral authority then any other rogue nation by allowing Torture.

The bill passed 65-34, which means even democrats have voted to allow this destruction of our country as we knew it.

In addition the retroactive aspects of this bill, make George W. Bush's crimes already committed, legal after the fact.

Our constitution has been damaged, our world credibility is damaged, and we are now the state others will have to band together to stop.

We have let this happen. May our forefathers, all those that fought and died for our nation of laws, may our children that will live in a country much different then what we saw as a child and may the world, forgive us.


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