Thursday, October 05, 2006

Betty Montgomery and Noe, the facts.

Much to my surprise I heard Betty Montgomery’s radio spot this morning on Progressive 1230 in Columbus. First of all thanks to her campaign for supporting progressive radio with your advertising dollars.

Second I find it interesting that spot claims Marc Dann “falsely accuses Betty Montgomery of being involved in the Tom Noe ethics scandal.”

Let's look at the facts shall we.

Event: A 2004 Audit of the BWC raised concerns about the rare coin investment.

Auditor Montgomery’s response: She did nothing

November 2004 Bush wins presidential election, after thousands in campaign contributions from Tom Noe directly and illegally.

Auditor Montgomery’s response: She received $8100 in campaign contributions from Noe as well.

April 3, 2005 Toledo Blade Runs a story detailing concerns about BWC investments with Tom Noe’s rare coin business.

Auditor Montgomery’s Response: She did nothing

April 7, 2005 the state's inspector general says he will review Ohio's investment of millions of dollars in rare coins. Gov. Bob Taft defends the deal, saying Noe is making money for the state

Auditor Montgomery’s Response: She did nothing

April 27, 2005 Noe's attorney confirms that federal investigators are looking into whether Noe tried to bypass election donation limits by giving others money that they contributed to President Bush's re-election campaign.

Auditor Montgomery’s Response: She did nothing

May 10, 2005 -Noe resigns from Ohio Board of Regents and the Ohio Turnpike Commission. The Ohio Ethics Commission later says he did not file required disclosures that he was doing business with the state while on the commissions.

Auditor Montgomery’s Response: She did nothing

May 11, 2005 The Toledo Blade asks the Ohio Supreme Court to order the state Bureau of Worker's Compensation to release uncensored records of the bureau's $50 million investment with Noe.

Auditor Montgomery’s Response: She did nothing

May 12, 2005 -The Blade reports that Brian Hicks, Taft's former chief of staff, rented Noe's Florida vacation home at below-market rates.

Auditor Montgomery’s Response: She did nothing

May 18, 2005 Five of Ohio's seven Supreme Court justices recuse themselves from any public records cases that involve Noe and the coin investment. The five are all received campaign contributions from Noe.

May 16, 2005 The story now being picked up by every media outlet in the state along with a number of national media outlets. Investigations are underway by the inspector general, Lucas County Prosecutor and Federal Prosecutors. It has been a year since the initial audit showing concerns with the BWC investments landed on her desk and over a month since the fraud was reported by the Toledo Blade.

The State Auditor Betty Montgomery whose job is according to the constitution of the of Ohio is: “The auditor of state shall audit all public offices as provided in this chapter. The auditor of state also may audit the accounts of private institutions, associations, boards, and corporations receiving public money for their use and may require of them annual reports in such form as the auditor of state prescribes.”

Yes finally on May 16th, 2005, the State Auditor begins an investigation.

Your right Betty Montgomery, you don’t appear to be involved in the Tom Noe Coin Scandal. Unforntunatly for Ohio, it was your job to be involved.

Now Betty wants to play Attorney General again, the taxpayers of Ohio can’t afford that.

Sources:, Ohio Citizen Action, NBC24-Toledo, Progressive 1230-Columbus


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noe did contribute to her campaign, but your facts are not all right. She paid all of the money back to Noe that he contributed. Betty Montgomery is an honest women. I know her personally and she has dedicated her entire life to her job. She is honest and truthful. She has my vote

2:09 PM  
Blogger Joe R said...

I stand by facts, she did take money from Noe, whether she returned it after he got caught or not.

The rest of the facts laid out speak for themselves.

2:31 PM  

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