Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Padgett getting desperate:

Update: October 6th Padgett has cancelled the fundraiser with Hastert, according to the Padgett campaign Hasterts travel plans have chainged. (Gee I wonder why) George Voinivich will be speaking instead at the event.

With the Zogby poll now showing Zack Space with a 10-point lead, her campaign's desperation is clearly showing.

Today they released a statement claiming Space has been dodging debates, and then lists a local candidate’s night in an opera house in Morgan County and a Chamber of Commerce reception in Ross County. These were not debates, they were local partisan "meet the candidate" events that would have been about as balanced as Steak night at a PETA convention.

Oh yes, I’m quite sure Jurist Doctorate, Attorney and City Law Director Zack Space shivers in fear of Padgett’s debating skills. (Rolls his eyes)

I also found it quite interesting that Padgett’s Home Page bears these words:
“Responsible government is a very serious business. My commitment is to deliver honest, straightforward, hardworking representation now that will establish a secure future for ourselves and our children.”

With the Foley Cover-up another in a series of dishonest, unethical representation by this republican congress, and the fact she mentions the future of our children, you would think it would be a no-brainer that Padgett would be at the very least distancing herself from Hastert. But apparently she doesn’t have much of a brain as she is bringing Hastert here for a fundraising event on Oct 9. You too can have your picture taken with the soon to be EX Speaker of the House for a mere $500. (I wonder if she will still have him come if he is forced to resign before Monday? Ney’s treatment should be over perhaps he is available.)

Well it could get worse, she could always try to set up a photo op with Zack Space and former Hostage Terry Anderson and then accuse Space of being weak on terrorists too.

Padgett is the worst candidate for Congress in Ohio that I can remember in my 31 years as a voter.

Zack Space is clearly the only Leader and the clear choice in the 18th district.


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