Monday, October 09, 2006

Bush foreign policy fails again

Consider the following scenario. A leader of a country names us along with two other countries as its biggest enemy, calling us evil. Then they attack one of the other countries. What would be our response?

That is exactly the point of view of Iran and North Korea. Bush called Iraq, Iran and North Korea the axis of evil. Then in short order we used false information to attack Iraq. It is no wonder Iran and North Korea feel a need to protect themselves from our President’s threats.

Now the impudent Bush administration whines as North Korea does a nuclear test. And since we no longer are respected around the world, since we no longer have moral authority and since we have damaged and weekend our military in this prolonged illegal war in Iraq, whining is all we can do.

The Republicans try to convince the voters we are safer because of his policies. Today’s nuclear test by North Korea, Iran’s defiance with their continuing nuclear program, prove that is clearly not the case.

Bush has endangered us and the entire world with his cowboy diplomacy. Our only hope is the U.N. and the rest of the world unite, despite the idiocy of United States administration and is able to contain North Korea and Iran.


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