Thursday, October 19, 2006

WBNS 10 TV Fearmongering Television

Though part of the Dispatch Group and controlled by the strongly Republican Wolfe Family, WBNS 10 TV of Columbus usually shows professionalism in its news broadcasts. This morning not so much.

On the morning broadcast they kept running a tease line saying Ted Strickland may not be on the ballot in Ohio. This went on for an hour before finally reporting the story, which was the bogus claim in Columbiana County about an address issue.

Their second tag line all morning was the "high alert" at NFL stadiums for a potential terrorist attack. First of all there is no increase alert level by homeland security. Second of all every expert including the department of homeland security claims this threat is not credible, yet, it is reported 2 weeks before the election as there has been a fear mongering bogus terror alert of some kind a couple weeks before every election.

WBNS is either being manipulated to spread these desperate republican attempts to affect this election or they are knowingly participating. Either way, I have lost all respect for them as a news organization


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