Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Montgomery rewriting history

I have noticed something the last week or so, there is a definite organized attempt to respond to blogs by Montgomery supporters. Though their responses seem feeble considering the overwhelming facts.

She is part of the Taft Republican Corruption Machine; She has played musical chairs with state offices where ever the party allowed her to. She was as auditor the person who was supposed to watch the purse strings of the State of Ohio. Not only did she fail, but also she took donations from the very person now she claims to be strongly helping to prosecute.

She did not do her job and catch Tom Noe, the Toledo Blade did. Only after local and federal prosecutions and only after the 2004 election was over and the illegal contributions had their effect, did Betty decide the auditor’s office should look into this.

Their response, she cooperated fully with the investigations, she gave the money from Noe back. Too late Betty, 50 million is missing. And your hand was caught in the cookie jar whether you snuck the cookie back or not.

We cannot allow Montgomery and the Republican spin machine to rewrite history. She was, and is right at the center of the corruption in our state and she must not be permitted to hold state office again.


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