Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Secretary of State Race Huge.

Greg Hartman has successfully taken the debate in the Secretary of States Race away from the relevant issues and off into distortion land. It's time to get back to the facts.

Fact: There is a massive amount of evidence that the current Secretary of State is complicit in election fraud in 2004, giving the presidency to Bush.

Fact: The current Secretary of State has been successful at preventing reform in the election system in Ohio by actively preventing issues 1-4 in 2003 which would have changed Ohio’s election system to a bi partisan fair system, not able to be manipulated by one man, in the Secretary of States office.

Fact: The current secretary of State has worked hard to reduce the number of eligible voters especially ones likely to vote for Democrats. It is the Secretary of States Job to increase citizen participation not limit it.

Fact: Every time the Secretary of States office has to make a ruling, the citizens of Ohio collectively hold their breaths, knowing he cannot be trusted.

Fact: the courts have overturned a number of the Secretary of States rulings.

Fact: With all the evidence, with all the law suits, with all the court actions, it is clear the current secretary of state has lead a planned, determined, purposeful continuing attempt to manipulate the elections in Ohio to his party’s favor.

Fact: He cannot be trusted as Governor; the Republicans cannot be trusted having one of their lackeys in the position of Secretary of State.

Fact: Jennifer Brunner is highly qualified, with experience as an assistant secretary of state, on county board of elections, as an election law attorney and as a judge. Hartman was a clerk of courts with no applicable experience for this job.

Fact: Hartman knowing he does not have either the background or experience tries to distort the election to make it about court cases taken out of context without all the evidence and with very little of the truth behind his accusations.

Fact: It is imperative for the voters of the State of Ohio that we have a Secretary of State that is qualified and most of all can be trusted. Hartman doesn’t fit either.

Fact: Jennifer Brunner is the clear choice for Secretary of State.


Speak out for Jennifer Brunner and send whatever you can to her campaign. We cannot let the corruption continue in the office of Secretary of State.


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