Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wednesdays Endorsement OH: 12

On the 6th day before the election my endorsement was:

Ohio’s 12th Congressional District was one that wasn’t originally considered competitive. After all Pat Tiberi looks like the cuddly Pillsbury doughboy and had managed to keep his head low as corruption surrounded him. Not only that, he managed to stay out of the news. Though that’s easy when one doesn’t do anything.

What has Pat Tiberi done, well is hard to know since all his campaigning has been about trashing Shamansky. If one digs one can find he did in fact support the Bush Crime Family 91% of the time with his votes, one of the highest percentages in congress. Again that’s why we know little about him. Followers don’t make the press, Leaders do.

A leader is what Bob Shamansky is. This is a man who was happily and comfortably retired. He has given the country a lifetime of public service. But when he watched what this administration was doing. The war, the polarization of our nation based on lies and desires for more power and more greed. This man could not take any more. He dug into his own bank account and came back to do something. And do something he has. He has spoken out against this President and this war, He has spoken about a vision for change. He has spoken against corruption. He has quite simple shown us the leader he is.

All his opponent can do is play games with Shamansky’s name, make some bogus claims about addresses. And use the tried and true fear tactic of taxes. If Tiberi was a leader he would have something to run on, he clearly isn’t, thus the campaign is all about diversion and twisted facts.

We need to return to the days of leadership in the 12th District, its time to put Bob Shamansky back in Congress.


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