Monday, October 30, 2006

Catching up on Endorsements

Ok I got behind on a busy weekend here are my next 3.

On the 10th day before the election my endorsement is to be, Yes On Issue 4.

Issue 5 trying to improve our dining experience as well as reduce health problems doesn’t go far enough by eliminating smoking. If that’s their goal they should ban all children from restaurants.

I mean seriously nothing will ruin a nice quite dinner at your favorite steak house then a screaming baby at the next table, or worse a bratty 2-year-old running up and down the aisles yelling NO NO NO.

Plus anyone that works in schools or has school age children know, your way more likely to catch a cold or the flu from a child then other adults. They wipe their nose on anything and never cover their mouths when they sneeze.

Save us from these ruined unhealthy dining experiences and ban the children from all restaurants.

Ok before you blast me with comments, please note the words above are full of sarcasm. I don’t believe the government should ban any thing from restaurants, not children not trans fats and not cigarettes.

The opponents of issue 4 are making a big deal out of the fact that the tobacco companies are funding the issue. DUH, yea no kidding, so what? The fact is Issue 4 is common sense; it leaves it up the owners and the customers of businesses to decide for themselves. That’s the American way.

Yes on 4, NO on 5.

On the 9th day before the election my endorsement is to be, TED!!!!

This one is a no brainer. Blackwell has clearly manipulated elections in this state as Secretary of State. Blackwell is clearly part of this corrupt Republican administration. Blackwell’s activities as an elected official are clearly suspicious dishonest and perhaps even criminal. This man should be investigated not elected.

Strickland has the experience, the background the vision and the integrity to be a Governor we can be proud of. When was the last time that happened in this state? Ohioans have seen this, he will win Election Day if and only if we all get out and vote. Do not take this election for granted. Get the vote out for Ted.

On the 8th day before the Election my Endorsement is to be: Bill Conner for Congress!

In the 7th congressional district David Hobson has been the republican holding that seat for too long. He takes the voters for granted and acts like a congressman only right before an election. Just the absolute need for a democratic congress is enough to vote for Conner. We must have investigations and oversight over the Bush crime family. Hobson is not going to vote to do that.

Conner is a citizen candidate, little money, and little party support. But he is one of us and a democrat.

Vote Bill Conner for Congress in the 7th District.

Whew, I think I ‘m caught up.


Blogger WestEnder said...

There is a proposal to store nuclear waste in OH-2. Suppose the government decided to go ahead and store it there, but local residents protested. Suppose they passed a local ordinance preventing storage of nuclear waste in their area.

Should local residents be allowed to pass such a law?

If they should, should they also be allowed to pass a law banning smoking in their area?

I only ask because Issue 4 prevents municipalities from passing local smoking restrictions. What if the nuclear industry sponsored a ballot issue (nothing wrong with an industry sponsoring a ballot issue, right?) to amend the constitution so energy companies could decide whether or not to store waste in the area (it's the American way for businesses to decide, right?). And suppose that ballot issue also meant that municipalities could never pass a superceding law (since a constitutional amendment supercedes a mere law)? Would you support that?

It's a bit of a long question/comment, but a relevant one, I think.

6:34 PM  

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