Monday, October 30, 2006

One Hundred

Over the weekend the 100th American Serviceman was killed this month in Iraq.

This is the 100th Post on Fundamental Truths

What does one have to do with the other very little, yet those deaths this month and the other some 2700 deaths in this war is one of the reasons this blog exists.

Each post on my little blog is of little significance in and of it self. Yet some draw much interest in numbers and others seem to catch the eye of Congressman and Senators.

Each and every death in Iraq is of great significance. Another life, another human, a father, son, brother, wife, sister, daughter. Each death is another flag draped coffin our government doesn’t want us to see.

I put great effort to make sure my posts are factual and my opinions are based on the truth. Do I owe that to readers, perhaps, but most of all I owe that to myself.

There is little factual this President and the Administration has told us about this war. Why we are there. What the plan is. What the prognosis is. What is it at all, a civil war, a police action, nation building?

When I look at the numbers on my blog, I have learned I can never predict which items I write will draw attention and which won’t. Sometimes I’m frustrated by the lack of interest, and other times shocked by a jump in interest on a particular post. In any case I write often for me, not for who may read it.

When I talk to people on the street, when I listen to right wing pun dents, when I listen to the elected leaders, I also get frustrated by the lack of outrage at this war, how we got into it and each and every death that occurs. How people can take to the streets over gay marriage or flag burning, as another and another serviceman dies every day, just amazes me.

I see hits on my blog from places all over the world. That always surprises me, what does someone in Spain, or Singapore or Australia care about an Ohio congressional race. Or American politics in particular.

I listen to the BBC and hear the death count of American’s every day. This War affects the world in so many ways. It is not just Bush’s war he has brought all of us and the world into the quagmire with him.

One Hundred

One Hundred young lives lost, perhaps the outrage is now growing. One Hundred posts, perhaps I learn more about our Country with each one..

Note: In my short time in the blog o sphere, those of you that have offered comments, support, advice and links to my blog, have been a happy surprise. I thank all of you for your kind words and help. I am proud to be part of something that I have learned very quickly does make a difference. Most of all lefty blogs you are an awesome resource and thanks to those that make it possible.


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