Saturday, October 28, 2006

Deborah Pryce is a liar

Twisting facts and out of context is one thing but when a candidate flat out lies in a commercial it absolutely proves she is not fit for office.

Pryces new commercial that says Mary Jo Kilroy wants the government to do paperwork first before wire tapping is a flat out lie.

The law before the Bush "make his crimes legal bill" allowed the government to obtain a warrant up to 72 hours after the fact of a wire tapping. The law in no way whatsoever slowed down the ability to place the wire tap in the first place.

There are two reasons Pryce, Bush and the fascists that control our government changed this law, was first to prevent Bush from being impeached for breaking the law and second so he continue to wiretap people he knows no judge would approve even after the fact.

Wiretapping only terrorists, yea right!

Pryce is a liar, her commercial lies straight out and then she says the words "I am Deborah Pyrce and I approved this message"

She cannot be trusted she must be removed from office now.

Support Mary Jo Kilroy for Congress.


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