Tuesday, October 31, 2006

7 days to go OH:18th

On the 7th day before the election my endorsement is to be: Zack Space in Ohio’s 18th!

In the Congressional District currently represented by Admitted Criminal Bob Ney, it is imperative that the citizens chart a new course in Leadership. Zack Space is the man.

Consider the Republican Joy Padgett, for years part of the Republican Crony machine with strong ties to Taft, Ney, Blackwell and others. Padgett is a woman that will do anything say anything to get elected. Whether it is by taking a photo out of context to accuse man who personally had been held as a hostage by terrorists, as being weak on terror. Or to incite Fear and hate of gays and Latinos in her current commercials.

This woman actually blamed her bankruptcy at first on her own husband, then changed it to the economy, though now she campaigns that the economy is great under the republicans. What comes out of her mouth depends on the time of day, the day of the week, and whatever one of the Bob’s tell her to say.

She is not a leader, she a horrible candidate for congress.

Zack Space is much different. The son of an immigrant, Educated at the University of Michigan (I’ll forgive him for that). An accomplished attorney and Elected City attorney. He is independent and represents the beliefs of the district well. He is for change in the plan for Iraq, and in a district where hunting and gun ownership is very much part of the culture, Zack is even a member of the NRA. He will represent the wishes of the district not follow a party line. He will do what he feels is right.

Zack Space is a Leader. Padgett is not.
Support Zack in the 18th District of Ohio.


Blogger WestEnder said...

U of M might as well be called OSU-Ann Arbor. I have so many friends and relatives (from Ohio) that went there it's ridiculous. What is it about that school?

(and if you say "football" you say so at your own peril)

(same goes for basketball)

6:20 PM  
Blogger Joe R said...

Being an Ohio State Alum, the comment about Zack attending U of M was a joke. Despite the rivalry it is indeed a great academic institution.

7:49 AM  

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