Thursday, November 02, 2006

5 days to go: OH-15

This district is one the most watched races in the country. Why you may ask? Well first we have Deborah Pryce perhaps the poster child of this Republican Leadership. She follows the party line so closely; she must be wearing the Karl Rove earpiece that Bush wore for the debate.

Her statements about the war are either completely delusional or flat out lies. Her statements about the strength of our economy are clearly from a woman who hasn’t a clue what is going on in her own state. Now she campaigns on the pork she was able to bring back to Columbus in return for kissing the President’s and Delay’s and Hastert’s and oh yea her best friend Foley’s boots. This woman is the textbook party operative and an adept follower.

Then consider her opponent. Mary Jo Kilroy a leader in every position she has held. From the troubled Columbus School board, to County Commissioner. What did she do in those positions? She fought for change. She fought to fix problems not just put them off to the future. She balanced budgets instead of trying to spend away the problems. Her campaign has been tough, it has been fair and it has been the truth.

Pyrce’s Campaign has been full of misstatements lies changing positions and bigwig republicans paying her back for her ass kissing. This woman is the perfect example of the congressional representative that has allowed this administration to lie us into war, dig the damage deeper, attack the bill of rights, reduce our nations safety, all the while claiming to have done the opposite.

Pryce must go!

Vote Mary Jo Kilroy for Congress


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said it all!!

Get out the votes.

It's time to change the course.

9:54 PM  

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