Monday, November 06, 2006

Simplistic Lies & Whole Truths

Simplistic Lie: The Iraq war was justified A. Because they have weapons of Mass Destruction. B. Its part of the War on Terror. C. Sadam was a Threat to the United States.

Whole Truth: A. There were no WMD’s. B. Saddam was an enemy of Al Qaeda and had nothing to do with them or 9/11. C. The Iraq military was devestated, there were hemmed in by no fly zones and sanctions. Saddam was a lot of talk but he was not a threat to the United States.

Simplistic Lie: Republicans are strong on Terror because of the Patriot Act. Democrats are against it.

Whole Truth: Democrats were opposed to certain overreaching aspects of the Patriot act such as access to what books you read at the library.

Simplistic Lie: Democrats are opposed to wiretapping terrorist’s phone calls.

Whole Truth: Democrats feel the FISA act should be followed, which allows the administration up to 72 hours after a tap to obtain a warrant. The only reason whatsoever to go without court oversight at all, is because they are tapping people who they shouldn’t be.

Simplistic Lie: Democrats are against detainee bill thus they want terrorists to be freed.

Whole Truth: Democrats want the rule of law, justice and habeas corpus maintained as well as the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions. For two centuries these principals have not prevented us from prosecuting enemies, we do not need to suspend them now.

Simplistic Lie: Republicans lower taxes, Democrats will raise them.

Whole Truth. Republicans have spent us into the largest deficit in history. The bill will eventually have to be paid. The question is by the Middle class who have received little or no tax breaks or by the wealthy and corporations, who have.

Simplistic Lie: The Economy is Thriving

Whole Truth: For the rich, major stockholders, the oil industry, Halliburton; Defense Contractors, and the Pharmaceutical Industry. While the middle class struggles with rising costs and stagnant pay.

Simplistic Lie: Unemployment is down.

Whole Truth: With massive layoffs by Ford, GM the airlines and numerous other high paying industries, the job growth has been in the low pay, no benefits, Wal-Mart’s of the Country. Lots of numbers of jobs, while average personal income falls.

Simplistic Lie: The Republicans are prepared, strong and make the country safer from all threats.

Whole Truth: One word: Katrina

Simplistic Lie: The facts of how we got into the war with Iraq are old history, but now that we are there we must stay the course.

Whole Truth: History is important to be investigated understood and learned from to prevent bad things from reoccurring. The course we have been on in Iraq has now extended the war to be longer then WWII, cost 2800 plus American lives, 10’s of thousand Iraqi civilians their lives and increased distrust and hate of our country throughout the world. This is a failed course by inept leaders. They must be replaced and the course changed.

Simplistic Lie: All politicians are corrupt.

Whole Truth: With numerous allegations, investigations, resignations, guilty pleas and prison sentences, all among republicans there is one lone democrat under investigation.

Simplistic Lie: A vote for Republicans is a vote for Moral Values.

Whole Truth: In all the years of the Republican Congress exactly what Moral issues have they actually moved forward and not just paid lip service and used for campaigning? None. Meanwhile they have clearly ignored other moral values such as honesty, integrity, caring for the poor, and loving your neighbor as your self.

The biggest truth of all: If you dream of a more safer, prosperous and moral country, the choice is clear.

Vote Democrat on Tuesday.


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