Monday, November 06, 2006

Endorsements, 3 to go: Attorney General

While Betty Montgomery has tried to run away from the corruption of the current republican state office holders, facts are facts. She was responsible as state auditor to be a watchdog over the funds of the BWC as well as other agencies. Under her watch fraud occurred, millions have been stolen. The very man being tried for those crimes provided Betty Montgomery Campaign donations.

Betty run away all you want, but facts are facts. You blew it. It’s clearly not the time to promote you.

Marc Dann as a State Senator has been a bulldog in smelling out and fighting corruption. He has filed lawsuits on behalf of the citizens of the state. The Republicans try to attack him in two ways, one being the ridiculous criticism of who his clients were when he was a defense attorney. Face it; in our system of justice even the most vial character gets an attorney. Marc Dann was doing his job fighting for justice. The second attack is the Supreme Court admonishment. Yes Marc Dann made a mistake in the course of doing his job as an attorney. It was a legal mistake. It involved no corruption, bribery or underhandedness. He was not disbarred or suspended. He made a mistake; he admitted it and took the consequences for it.

On the other hand Betty to this day says, Noe who? I didn’t know anything about it. Wasn’t my fault.

Honesty, Integrity, and a Fighter for the Citizens of Ohio. That’s Marc Dann; he is my choice for Attorney General.


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