Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Apologies and Congrats

One of the things that continually annoy me is the rarity of people, especially politically involved people to admit when they were wrong. So rather then being part of that problem its time for me to do just that.

A while back, when Paul Hackett dropped out of the race for Senate, I blew a gasket. To this day I believe Paul is an important leader and will be a force in our party in the future, and I still believe that the primary process should be allowed to work rather then making deals in back rooms. But where I was wrong, was believing that once again we would lose and lose badly because of bad decisions of party leaders and a continuation of the mistakes of the past by the Democratic Party, in Ohio and nationally.

Back then I wrote scathing letters to Chris Redfern, Howard Dean, Sherrod Brown and Senate Leaders nationally. I asked for resignations and a change of course in the party.

Turns out, these leaders had a change in course already in mind. The results speak for themselves. To Chris Redfern and the Ohio Democratic Party, this campaign was a piece of art. We had great candidates, great support, funding and staff in practically every race. The campaigns were fought with efficiency and speed, they were able to get out the message and react to negative slams fast and effectively. All I can say is excellent work.

To Howard Dean at the National Party, to the DCCC, and the DSCC, awesome effort. The fundraising machine, the placement of advertisements, the press releases the events, the traveling speakers, all of it was just unbelievable. For elections in decades to come experts will look back to 2006 to see how it can be done.

Some spin that the Democrats didn’t win this election so much as the republicans lost it. I whole-heartedly disagree. (Well except maybe George Allen in Virginia, chuckles.) Every campaign I watched was run so smoothly, with motivation, clarity and vigor. From the Candidates themselves, to their lowly bloggers behind the scenes, terrific work.

So yes I was wrong in my criticism and predictions back then. I am glad I was.

Ok enough congratulating and on to 2008.


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