Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hillary Crushed in Mississippi

Mississippi has joined the vast majority of other states and said yes to Obama. It appears at this point he is going to win by a huge margin in another southern state. This is now 16 of the last 19 states that have gone for Obama by huge margins in every part of the country. Though Hillary eked out wins in two states on March 4th, Texas now appears to be a draw with Obama receiving more delegates from that state then Clinton.

With only 10 maybe 12 contests left, depending on redos in Florida and Michigan, Hillary has no chance to win this nomination. Add this to the increasingly sewer tactics of her campaign drawing the ire of Super Delegates and her own supporters, it is time for her to wake up and smell the coffee.

Obama leads by an insurmountable margin in delegates, states won and the popular vote. Polls show he has a significant lead nationally and show almost double the margin over McCain then Clinton.

Hillary is too stubborn to decide on her own to drop out, it's up to the Super Delegates and her other supporters to say, enough is enough.

The voters have and continue to speak clearly; we want Barrack Obama as President.

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